About us

   Hello my name is Kam and I am the Owner/Creator of Kitu★Katu. This project was born from a fun conversation between friends. I always wanted to start a clothing brand and knew how I would like it to be theme-wise, but couldn't come up with a name. In the summer of '19 while on a trip with a friend who was visiting from Japan she informed me that Kit-Kat bars are a popular gift to give to someone to wish them good luck because Kitto Katto (how the Japanese pronounce Kit-Kat) sounds very similar to the phrase Kitto Katsu which can mean 'Bound to win' or even 'Never Fail' and that and that phase stuck with me...the rest is historyI aim to bring all things Anime, 80s, 90s, Future Funk, Vaporwave (and other similar aesthetics) to you and the world .  We hope to grow and share our love and passion with all of you.  Thank you for taking the time to visit and learn about us. Hope to hear from you soon!